What we can do for you


As one of the most successful, decorated, and proven spotters in Sports Car Racing the world over, from TCR to DPi, Daytona to Dubai, we are: “more than clear”, your secret weapon in the age of homologation, and the scourge of parts trucks.

Race smart. Race clean. Race better than your competition with a quality spotter. 

Race Strategy

We’ve orchestrated TCR upsets, unlikely Intercontinental GT Challenge podiums, gone undefeated this Decade in the 4-Hour at Daytona in two different classes, and ran successful race strategy while spotting. In fact, pre-2021, the most successful race strategist in IMSA’s TCR history, by number of podium finishes, was never in pit lane for the races at all……..it’s us.


Not knowing what you don’t know can be a big source of unnecessary expense in motorsport, and the reason you’re finishing behind the competition.

Put our two+ decades and nearly 40 Championships/Vice-Championships worth of experience to work for you and help navigate the proverbial waters and elevate your program

Driver Assist & Pit Stop Choreography

The most overlooked pit lane position is the one changing the component that can make decisions:  the driver.  We’ve won every major North American Endurance Race at least once at this position. 

We’ve not only helped actual race teams better their pit stop performance, we’ve even consulted on the subject for TV.


A little voice in your head to keep you on track can accelerate your development and make the most out of very expensive seat time. 

Our experience with drivers ranges from newly minted regional license holders to big names and F1 Superlicense holders. After all, It’s hard to see the picture when you’re in the frame.

Race Abroad

USA is the most expensive place to go sports car racing in the entire world. 

Leverage our foreign contacts, experience, and success to get the seat time you need, in modern, homologated, and relevant equipment, at thousands $$$ less/hour than comparable cars in the USA. Spend your money smarter with us.  

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